I bear all the pain, on my own. Cause if  I unclose,  it will be dishonor to my individuality. My mother taught me, this is something we can’t share with anyone. But what I have learned till now is- this is something that makes us divine!

I bleed every month, to sustain this life cycle of humanity.

I bleed in order to make humankind a possibility.



This is a natural process, a source of whole life.
For which god has given power to me,
to every girl,
whether to create our species further or not.

I menstruate every month with pain but also I find it courageous as well; I don’t feel my red stains as a disgust. I believe this process is no less than breathing. Our society isn’t dare enough to talk about this. But are comfortable to talk about  even more violent issues than this like sexualization, pornification.

Red stains are not a sign of inauspicious, instead it is a sign of good health. It is a sign of selfless nature of a woman.