Some women never really subscribed to the society’s order of priorities. They are only conscious about what is best for them and believe that an outsider would never know what to follow. They are far away from society’s rules and regulations and do what they want to. while all other were busy in finding the exact meaning of feminism,some women have worked very hard and established a point where one can enjoy certain freedom. From decades, people had questioned an unfair social order in reference to provide feminism a better place. There struggles were infinitely tougher than what happening today.
Somehow, the reason today we all can talk about feminism is because they chose to stand up against discrimination, even at the time when women were treated like cattle and not normal human being. one such person is ‘Savitribai phule’, the first women teacher in India,as well as the founder of India’s first girl’s school. She continued to break unfair traditions by challenging society at every step. she completed her education when women were simply not allowed to step out of the house. She not only helped women empowerment at that time but too accept the fact that only target to achieve her dreams is NOW or NEVER.
The universe itself doesn’t have any law, it has some working habits made by society which can be broken easily. Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, sisters and mothers. Instead reinforce the idea that man should respect women because we are a part of gender. Gender equality is a basic human right,but our country still facing a persistent gap in providing same opportunities to both men and women. Women of our country still deals with less opportunities for economic participation, education, health and safety. Guaranteeing the rights of women and providing them the ways to reach their destination with full potential is critical. INDIA is rising in a very good manner, but women are still not stable. A women is dynamic in nature, handling twist and turn is not a big deal for her. she exactly knows where she can fly. The mantra of every rising women is that, she knows very well how to lift herself up and empower other ones too. women are rising on their own, with all they have and building up a new sky of opportunities.
 She raise herself old with no regrets.