“Same with drugs, Same with prostitution, Same with being fat, Same with abortion – Our society has a well define debate about each.”

You don’t have to like something, even you don’t have to agree about. But people have a right to BODY AUTONOMY. Since apparently it turned into an abortion debate and this photo must actually read as it showing. There are still many anti-choicer between us all, but we always have some rebuttal too. When I was reading an article which is about anti-abortion, I summed up all my views with this blog. And the very first thing came into my mind is- If you are an anti-abortion, you only want women forced to give birth against their will. That is what “anti-abortion” means. Why would some of us want a woman forced through the trauma  of birth, even when she didn’t want or consent to it. Why we are valuing a cluster of cells over a fully developed actualized human being? The society is still not able to deal with some serious things, which would surely put a fully developed human being into jeopardy. despondently, will suffer by bringing the fetus to term. Our society is being lack with fact that the ,majority of abortions are performed when the fetus/ embryo is not a fully formed human being. Still in the process of developing and giving it a term we might snatching away the developed one’s life. Rather we need to value what she wants, its totally her decision to make. Somehow anti-choicer argue that a zygote is more important than a woman, that a single sperm somehow overrides a woman’s bodily autonomy. I am not marking it right at all instead I’ll term it as “ cluster of cells or as a bundle of tissues” to highlight how wrong and absurd this whole thing is. This whole mindset is!

A beating heart doesn’t equal to a life. It is possible for someone to have a beating heart and some formed organs, yet not considered truly alive and cognizant.

There are more than thousand girls who are forced to give birth a child. Even in case of rape too. If we really want to balance the equations we talk about in public. we need to pure our mindset first, try to balance it and provide the equality she want. But getting attacked for what she didn’t is totally immature thing.

Disown them, if needs to be. Disown that, if you want to be. Don’t blame a woman for what a man gender did. If you think that gender equality is solved, you are not looking for issues like this one. I’m still breathing in a society where my feminism awakes apparently.