Someone once asked me how I know, When I will completely over you.

I replied, “It will when I let him slip away from the crevices of my mind.”

When I stop searching for a hand to hold mine,
When the emptiness isn’t enough strong to take charge on my mind,
Instead, when I’ll be able enough to fill the gaps with laughter and not with sorrows.

When I’ll bandage up my exit wounds and let the doors open for strangers,
Who surely can enter by and leave me by anytime,
And, I’ll no longer fear the day someone may walk out on me.

When my insides are no longer cage by antidepressants and sleeping pills,
for a night sleep.
Instead,when I can help my sleep from my own.

When I again sing while taking showers and dance in the rain,
Cause, You never gonna like me to do that.
But, I like to do so.

When I breathe a little more life into myself,
each time I write about you,and not to wet my
cheeks with tears.

When I find old photographs,
but my heart willn’t stick to them, now.
When It will not ache myself,
even not break me down.

When I hear your voice after 11 months,
and sobbing is not what I only left with.
When hearing your voice not let me sprawl on the floor.

When on a sudden meet, You look at me,
and I look right back to you, unfaltering.

When I feel so much like a home without you,
and not ends up like a graveyard feel.

I’ll completely over him, When I feel myself first and not him. When I barely remember the touch of his hands.
When these uncountable When’s inside me are no more exists!