“Everything I care about is gone. I’m the only person left for me. Love for which I ended me, is died. My children left me. Finding peace, left me in pieces. And, I? I love them all. I’m the women of this beautiful house. House where one person living,yet.”



Hey Sia,

I’m eighty-two now. I have many more years to live! I’m a young lady, paving her way to find joy. I lived my life’s best moments and ugly one’s too. I know you’re very happy in your life and want you to be like that forever. Today, I want to share my life with you dear. I want you to know that how hard it is, and we women can make it easy. Darling, you have to live a long life, with lots of ups and downs. You will feel everything you want to, and don’t want to in life. Life is tough but be strong, always. There will come a day, when you find yourself on my place and there will be same questions in your mind too. And, no one will be there to answer! I don’t want you to feel bad that you’re not with me. No darling, Your mother don’t want you to feel this ever.

Try to give yourself first priority ever. Love your husband, babies a lot, but dear love yourself too. Bright their life but don’t let them dull your life. I think you’re mature enough, to understand this all. I never let you all break. I hold your backs. Today, sitting on a wheel-chair, I wonder would anyone ever hold my back? Will my babies come when I die? Will they come after one month, taking a delicious cake written ‘happy 83, Mom’ , on my birthday!

Will they?
They’ll not. I know very well. But, I love them, I still hold them when they fall.

A wedding band, wore by him.
A bounded life, figured by her.

As far as I know, try to sum it up, These two lines ended it all.

A ring, took my life away from me. somehow, it bounded my life. I have to talk,walk,behave, as he wanted me to. It’s all about him, and not about me. I lost my biggest dreams for him, for my children. And, now here’s me- ALL ALONE! Life is a miracle or hard reality to understand. A women give her all to a family, which not even tries to accept her individuality. I’m not sad, and will never be. It was my decision to have my own family. No one can ever take away them from me, not even they. I just want to imagine that time now. I want to entertain all my “what if’s”, which have the ability to take me to a whole new world of possibilities!

I want you all. I miss you, your dad, your brother a lot! But, I don’t want you to made same mistakes dear. I want you to alive all the time, Not to leave your happiness for them. It’ll not worth, baby. Tell your brothers that I love them, a lot. I love you too, Sia. I want you to live happy with them, and without them too. Just don’t regret your decisions, complete all your dreams within time. There’s no chances left after.

Visit your mom, If you have time darling!
Enjoy your life.
Your mom.