• It’s been days since we gave it a pause.

    Though, I’m still confused, what’s my loss.

    I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere.
    The feelings in me rush out, reminding me that
    we are no more together.

    I wish we hadn’t met, met but not to left.
    Best memories of ours, tears fall apart when felt.
    I never wanted you to promise me the moon or stars.
    Wanted you to promise, beneath those we spent some hours.

    Hoping that you would come back,
    to depict words where we lack!
    The scariest part is letting go,
    but the faith in you stops me to do so!

    Don’t you feel my heart, still in love with you?
    My eyes craving for your presence, don’t you?

    and here I’m sleeping…
    another day without you!