I used to spend most of my time thinking about you. I found it wonderful that how you made me fall in love with you. Not only with you. Actually, with all of your ups and downs as well. To those insane laughs you made, they’re very bad baby. Still I fallen  in love. Finding a true soulmate is even better than having a fake man!
Probably, falling in love with you is the best decision I have ever made <3.

When I tried to plan up for our future, I was confused, a lot. Then, I planned ‘ To stay together for rest of our lives.’ ‘To cook tasty food, not for eating purpose. But, surely to ruin the whole room.’ ‘Buy a new car not to reach office at time but to get on long drives.’ ‘Wear woollen clothes in winter so that we can eat as many ice-creams as we want to.’ This is how I ended up. Planning our future is such a wonder, no worries, only love.

And, when i want you to tell that there is no other place in this whole world which can make me feel alive, I precisely want to say, I love you. I want you to count the day we spent together and also to count the days we’ll going to spend together. Cause, it’s not about how long it lasted, it is about what you did with it counted.

once you said to me, “that there may come days when we have to live separately. We have to take our own decisions, as if we both are taking it together. We need to have faith on each other, to trust the part of life we dealing with, and not to give a shit on the fact that we are living with a 50 miles distance. Just we both need to stay. not only stay, But to stay happy. To cherish all the tiny moments of life (having no idea about the fuck’n distance word), to enjoy the best and to give our best to the surroundings we are living in.”

At that fraction of time, I had no idea what the fuck you talking about? But I was so sure that the voice of yours is perfect! Giving me peace, letting me feel alive. Are you too feel the same, when I tell you something?
I bet, you don’t 😛

And, then! Just other day you told me that you are moving away from the city. Going somewhere, which is about n’s Km from DELHI. That moment wasn’t still. I was so shocked that the lecture you had given me tomorrow is because of your decision of studying away from me or to make yourself sure that I’ll gonna stay happy and strong. I’ll not trod myself into pieces, crying for you.Who knows? Might be you are smart enough to figure out that she’ll never say a ‘NO’to you.

you just wanted me to go through some hard lessons of life. You want me to feel how a life of mature girl looks like? How she take her own decisions and bring herself up with it, always. You wanted me not to cry over little things but to feel happy, strong, lucky and precise  about the world outside. To be always kind and not cruel, To be always a treatment and not a scar. You are wonderful, baby. you simply wanted me to feel alive, by only taking away my inner soul!

GREAT! Isn’t it?