Once you said to me , that I’m beautiful and you gonna treat me like a princess. i felt very pampered.

That time was sweet


not sugar my love.

“I must have some Questions to ask, left with me but never asked!

And, you must have some answers, never opened by you, still begun!”

Well, i am not complaining about the things i got neither i want to. But I can’t let it go like this. the touch is still with me.

Was I dreaming?

Was It’s done?

Was It really a dream or are we done?

Can you now answer these?

You can’t!

But, Baby now I’m Done…the gifts given by you is with me, protected with a wrap in my heart …

And how could we forget about those words, Turned into scars deep in my heart.

And, those Scars are becoming my Strength!

Yes, my love 🙂

I’m with scars and they are my True Strength.

To be continued…