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True Strength !

Once you said to me , that I’m beautiful and you gonna treat me like a princess. i felt very pampered.

That time was sweet


not sugar my love.

“I¬†must have some Questions to ask, left with me but never asked!

And, you must have some answers, never opened by you, still begun!”

Well, i am not complaining about the things i got neither i want to. But I can’t let it go like this. the touch is still with me.

Was I dreaming?

Was It’s done?

Was It really a dream or are we done?

Can you now answer these?

You can’t!

But, Baby now I’m Done…the gifts given by you is with me, protected with a wrap in my heart …

And how could we forget about those words, Turned into scars deep in my heart.

And, those Scars are becoming my Strength!

Yes, my love ūüôā

I’m with scars and they are my True Strength.

To be continued…

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When salted tears won't dry
I'll wipe my shirtsleeves 
under your eyes...
                    All of your pain 
                     that you hide
                    will be flooded tonight,
                     our heart will be IGNITE ‚ô¶

When salted tears won't dry
I'll wipe my shirtsleeves 
under your eyes...
                  I lied, I tried
                   to cry so much 
                  But, I'm drowning into
                   the oceans you made.

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Success is all about correcting your mistakes.

“Gentle Reminder”¬†

No one likes failure in life. And no one chooses it by their own.
But it happens. When we don’t understand the reasons behind our failure, we try
even more for success. And do anything just to be successful in life instead of realizing
what path are we choosing to keep ourselves away from failure. At a point we are so afraid of failures that we dig them deep into our souls, try to hide them and become what we are not. But if we are courageous enough to correct where we slipped a little far away from success, we can then constantly learn from our mistakes.And the more we focus on our small mistakes, the lesser we take care of where we fell (and meet failure).

And those countless failures will just be reminders of the success we achieved.

Now or Never : Mantra of every rising women.

Some women never really subscribed to the society’s order of priorities. They are only conscious about what is best for them and believe that an outsider would never know what to follow. They…

Source: Now or Never : Mantra of every rising women.

Red smudges are part of my life; and not a taint.

I bear all the pain, on my own. Cause if ¬†I unclose, ¬†it will be dishonor to my individuality. My mother taught me, this is something we can’t share with anyone. But what I have learned till now is- this is something that makes us divine!

I bleed every month, to sustain this life cycle of humanity.

I bleed in order to make humankind a possibility.


This is a natural process, a source of whole life.
For which god has given power to me,
to every girl,
whether to create our species further or not.

I menstruate every month with pain but also I find it courageous as well;¬†I don’t feel my red stains as a disgust. I believe this process is no less than breathing. Our society isn’t dare enough to talk about this. But are comfortable to talk about ¬†even more violent issues than this like sexualization, pornification.

Red stains are not a sign of inauspicious, instead it is a sign of good health. It is a sign of selfless nature of a woman.








Now or Never : Mantra of every rising women.

Some women never really subscribed to the society’s order of priorities. They are only conscious about what is best for them and believe that¬†an outsider would never know what to follow. They are far away from society’s rules and regulations and do what they want to. while all other¬†were busy in finding the exact meaning of feminism,some women have worked very hard and established a point where one can enjoy certain freedom.¬†From decades, people had questioned an unfair social order in reference to provide feminism a better place. There struggles were infinitely tougher¬†than what happening today.
Somehow, the reason today we all can talk about feminism is because they chose to stand up against discrimination, even¬†at the time when women were treated like cattle and not normal human being. one such person is ‘Savitribai phule’, the first women teacher in India,as well as the founder of India’s first girl’s school. She continued to break unfair traditions by challenging society at every step. she completed¬†her education when women were simply not allowed to step out of the house. She not only helped women empowerment at that time but too accept the fact¬†that only target to achieve her dreams is NOW or NEVER.
The universe itself doesn’t have any law, it has some working habits made by society which can be broken easily. Destroy the idea that men should¬†respect women because we are their daughters, sisters and mothers. Instead reinforce the idea that man should respect women because we are a part¬†of gender. Gender equality is a basic human right,but our country still facing a persistent gap in providing same opportunities to both men and¬†women. Women of our country still deals with less opportunities for economic participation, education, health and safety. Guaranteeing the rights¬†of women and providing them the ways to reach their destination with full potential is critical. INDIA is rising in a very good manner, but women¬†are still not stable. A women is dynamic in nature, handling twist and turn is not a big deal for her. she exactly knows where she can fly. The mantra¬†of every rising women is that, she knows very well how to lift herself up and empower other ones too. women are rising on their own, with all they have¬†and building up a new sky of opportunities.
 She raise herself old with no regrets.

Cluster of cells or full blown cells?



“Same with drugs, Same with prostitution, Same with being fat, Same with abortion – Our society has a well define debate about each.”

You don’t have to like something, even you don’t have to agree about. But people have a right to BODY AUTONOMY. Since¬†apparently it turned into an abortion debate and this photo must actually read as it showing. There are still many anti-choicer between us all, but we always have some rebuttal too. When I was reading an article which is about anti-abortion, I summed up all my views with this blog. And the very first thing came into my mind is- If you are an anti-abortion, you only want women forced to give birth against their will. That is what “anti-abortion” means.¬†Why would some of us want a woman forced through the trauma ¬†of birth, even when she didn’t want or consent to it. Why we are valuing a cluster of cells over a fully developed actualized human being? The society is still not able to deal with some serious things, which would surely put a fully developed human being into jeopardy. despondently, will suffer by bringing the fetus to term. Our society is being lack with fact that the ,majority of abortions are performed when the fetus/ embryo is not a fully formed human being. Still in the process of developing and giving it a term we might snatching away the developed one’s life. Rather we need to value what she wants, its totally her decision to make. Somehow anti-choicer argue that a zygote is more important than a woman, that a single sperm somehow overrides a woman’s bodily autonomy. I am not marking it right at all instead I’ll term it as “ cluster of cells or as a bundle of tissues” to highlight how wrong and absurd this whole thing is. This whole mindset is!

A beating heart doesn’t equal to a life. It is possible for someone to have a beating heart and some formed organs, yet not considered truly alive and cognizant.

There are more than thousand girls who are forced to give birth a child. Even in case of rape too. If we really want to balance the equations we talk about in public. we need to pure our mindset first, try to balance it and provide the equality she want. But getting attacked for what she didn’t is totally immature thing.

Disown them, if needs to be. Disown that, if you want to be. Don’t blame a woman for what a man gender did. If you think that gender equality is solved, you are not looking for issues like this one. I’m still breathing in a society where my feminism awakes apparently.¬†




“Curse to nature : light & dark.”


” He is light,
and in him,
She finds no darkness at all.”

Might you see nothing. The room was a full dark for you. But, I’m the only one who could see the light in dark too.
The light which once you ignited and still sparkling inside me, is the reason behind.

” You made me like this- fluorescent. ”

Every moment of light and dark is miracle. I’m different from world, from you too. You had given me light, that brightens my soul. Although darkness is not completed yet. But I could feel the beauty lies in everything which ever come across to my sight. I’ve the type of power, which pave new paths in dark too. There must be an enlightened light in my inner soul.

I could hear the voices, snuffling quietly, in the corner.
Don’t move,
Even don’t breathe
I’ll realise your presence in me.
Because, that corner doesn’t resemble to any room. It resemble to my heart.

” I have given a corner to you,
Filled with your belongings,
With sparks of new life,
Where no dark left.”

Existence of both: light & dark stays in my heart.
No one ever realise,
You are here- But I do.
Cause, you lighten my darkness!

The only difference to light and dark is;

” To her,
Light is as good as the best
Dark is as bad as the worst.”

you are a ‘curse to nature’ to me, which not letting me stay with light and dark.


Someone once asked me how I know, When I will completely over you.

I replied, “It will when I let him slip away from the crevices of my mind.”

When I stop searching for a hand to hold mine,
When the emptiness isn’t enough strong to take charge on my mind,
Instead, when I’ll be able enough to fill the gaps with laughter and not with sorrows.

When I’ll bandage up my exit wounds and let the doors open for strangers,
Who surely can enter by and leave me by anytime,
And, I’ll no longer fear the day someone may walk out on me.

When my insides are no longer cage by antidepressants and sleeping pills,
for a night sleep.
Instead,when I can help my sleep from my own.

When I again sing while taking showers and dance in the rain,
Cause, You never gonna like me to do that.
But, I like to do so.

When I breathe a little more life into myself,
each time I write about you,and not to wet my
cheeks with tears.

When I find old photographs,
but my heart willn’t stick to them, now.
When It will not ache myself,
even not break me down.

When I hear your voice after 11 months,
and sobbing is not what I only left with.
When hearing your voice not let me sprawl on the floor.

When on a sudden meet, You look at me,
and I look right back to you, unfaltering.

When I feel so much like a home without you,
and not ends up like a graveyard feel.

I’ll completely over him, When I feel myself first and not him. When I barely remember the touch of his hands.
When these uncountable When’s inside me are no more exists!

A wedding band!

“Everything I care about is gone. I’m the only person left for me. Love for which I ended me, is died. My children left me. Finding peace, left me in pieces. And, I? I love them all. I’m the women of this beautiful house. House where one person living,yet.”



Hey Sia,

I’m eighty-two now. I have many more years to live! I’m a young lady, paving her way to find joy. I lived my life’s best moments and ugly one’s too. I know you’re very happy in your life and want you to be like that forever. Today, I want to share my life with you dear. I want you to know that how hard it is, and we women can make it easy. Darling, you have to live a long life, with lots of ups and downs. You will feel everything you want to, and don’t want to in life. Life is tough but be strong, always. There will come a day, when you find yourself on my place and there will be same questions in your mind too. And, no one will be there to answer! I don’t want you to feel bad that you’re not with me. No darling, Your mother don’t want you to feel this ever.

Try to give yourself first priority ever. Love your husband, babies a lot, but dear love yourself too. Bright their life but don’t let them dull your life. I think you’re mature enough, to understand this all.¬†I never let you all break. I hold your backs. Today, sitting on a wheel-chair, I wonder would anyone ever hold my back? Will my babies come when I die? Will they come after one month, taking a delicious cake written ‘happy 83, Mom’ , on my birthday!

Will they?
They’ll not. I know very well. But, I love them, I still hold them when they fall.

A wedding band, wore by him.
A bounded life, figured by her.

As far as I know, try to sum it up, These two lines ended it all.

A ring, took my life away from me. somehow, it bounded my life. I have to talk,walk,behave, as he wanted me to. It’s all about him, and not about me. I lost my biggest dreams for him, for my children. And, now here’s me- ALL ALONE!¬†Life is a miracle or hard reality to understand. A women give her all to a family, which not even tries to accept her individuality. I’m not sad, and will never be. It was my decision to have my own family. No one can ever take away them from me, not even they. I just want to imagine that time now. I want to entertain all my “what if’s”, which have the ability to take me to a whole new world of possibilities!

I want you all. I miss you, your dad, your brother a lot! But, I don’t want you to made same mistakes dear. I want you to alive all the time, Not to leave your happiness for them. It’ll not worth, baby. Tell your brothers that I love them, a lot. I love you too, Sia. I want you to live happy with them, and without them too. Just don’t regret your decisions, complete all your dreams within time. There’s no chances left after.

Visit your mom, If you have time darling!
Enjoy your life.
Your mom.


Always does…!


Into unparalleled ways,
Love does that
It changes us to best.

Best unimaginable ways,
Bring us to joys
I can’t explain with my voice.

From these inharmonious day,
We once met for a while
And, now
A name, I always
Want to write.

Darling understand this,
Before I fell in love with words
It was you, I feel in love very first.
And will always does!

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